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Sometimes life feels like a theater play that’s never going to be staged. The curtains open and you feel like you have to run somewhere. It doesn’t matter with who or where are you embarking on a journey sometimes you continue it alone, sometimes with your friends next to you. Your friends get tired, change their minds, corrupt their goals and sometimes even you think yourself has changed. Especially in times like this you need to calculate what you want and where the path you walk on will take you. Do you know how a champion is made? When you give things up for example; You understand this while you are walking towards nights that you will be overthinking about how you will conquer your goals. You think about this after your first success and after it every goal after feels like a fight for you.

How do you become a champion? When you earn a cup? When you get a medal? When your shelf is overflowing with prizes? As someone who experienced this let me tell you, it’s not like that at all. After every single victory I achieved, I started to dream of the next challenge, provided my motivation myself, shared my knowledge with my students and witnessed them going on to achieve great things. Only when I did all these things I truly felt like a champion. Because there will always be another challenge, another fight, and as long as I breathe my story will not be over.

We are all in a game whether we like it or not. My difference is that I think how can I play it better. Think of it like chess, when someone who I see as my adversary makes a move I respectably calculate my next. I never become bitter or act disrespectful. Because those who fight fairly write the history themselves. I play this game by it’s rules, win with my own. It’s more important for an athlete to be ethical first rather than to be strong. Because one way or another strength can be achieved.

But character isn’t a summit that you arrive to. The most important advice that I can give to my students is for them to live the fair-play spirit. Love your opponents, love your companions, love even the obstacles on your way no matter in what category you compete in. What would you fight for if not for those obstacles? Which summit can be endured alone? I want that the summit be crowded so that we can celebrate our victories, our championship together, like a family.